Full Cycle offers bike mechanic internships for homeless and street-dependent youth ages 16-24. While in the internship youth will learn basic bike mechanics, gain retail and customer service experience, and acquire job readiness skills. Our goal is to help young people obtain the knowledge, access, and stability they need to be successful in future employment. Prior mechanics or job experience is NOT required.
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What do interns do?
In the Internship, we teach an introduction to the basic systems of a bike and focus on foundational concepts that interns build upon later in their internship.  As the internship progresses, interns work in the shop, honing their mechanic’s skills, helping customers, and focusing on future employment.
What happens after the internship?
While no experience is required to become an intern, some young people demonstrate they have what it takes to work as a mechanic in the bike industry.  We will do what we can to help connect those youth to other shops or industry partners, or encourage them to apply to a FC Graduate Mechanic position-- a position reserved for youth who have graduated the internship and show excellent mechanic potential.

Not all interns are destined to become professional mechanics, and that's okay!  Full Cycle staff are invested in helping all of our interns find employment after their internship is over.  Throughout the internship and beyond, staff are there to support interns as they work on their professional development, job applications, and goals.
Unsure if you qualify? Give us a call, or stop in. 
To apply for an internship, please download an application, complete it and submit to Full Cycle. We encourage youth to submit their applications in person, but will accept them by email, mail, or fax.
Full Cycle Bike Shop
3515 Chicago Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
phone: 612-824-7581
fax: 612-827-5818