2015 Annual Report


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Dear Friends of Full Cycle,

Full Cycle’s mission is to connect with and support homeless youth, our community and our Earth through bikes, business and relationships. When young people in our community who are feeling disconnected, unsupported and misunderstood are given opportunities to prove themselves, they do so in a way that benefits us all.

As Full Cycle continues to grow and experience success with its youth programming and social enterprise, it has become apparent that we need to expand staff to meet the exciting challenges and responsibilities that come with such growth. As the quantity of work Full Cycle has taken on in creating solutions to youth homelessness increases, it is important for us to invite others onto the team to assure our quality of service continues to be exceptional.

We added a full-time regular staff member in the area of classroom instruction in an effort to increase the number of internship opportunities available to young people experiencing homelessness and underemployment. We have also created two new positions in the shop service area that will allow us to expand our hours of operation and participate in more community events.

An overall focus on staff expansion with new roles and responsibilities ended the year with a viable plan for seven regular staff members, four seasonal staff, and expanded opportunities for our youth interns with five seasonal graduate positions as we move into 2016. I truly believe that Full Cycle has the right people in the right places to do amazing work in the upcoming year. With an undeniable vision, committed and passionate staff, and the generosity and loyalty of our supporters, we look forward to serving more young people and doing more business through our bike shop than ever before.


Matt Tennant

Director and Founder, Full Cycle