By donating a new or used bike to Full Cycle, you provide training opportunities for our internship program and transportation that helps homeless young people achieve independence and employment. All bike donations are tax-deductible. Before bringing in a bike to donate, please review our guidelines below.
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Bike Donation Guidelines
Bikes should be in a good to fair condition. We can accept bikes with major frame damage, rust or little to no working parts for a $10 donation, this will help with our time needed to strip the bike and recycle its parts.
We also accept donations of new and used bike parts, locks, tools and helmets, as long as these items are in good condition.
If your bike doesn’t fit our Donation Guidelines, we can still help you put it to good use (and keep it out of the landfill). Just drop it off at our shop, and we’ll recycle it for a $10 fee. Please see the homepage for our store location and hours.
Make a contribution!
Your generous donations help us meet the needs of homeless and street-dependent young people in the Twin Cities.