By donating a new or used bike to Full Cycle, you are doing more than cleaning out your garage or basement.  Donating a bike provides
  • training opportunities for our Intern Bike Mechanics as they learn practical mechanics and job skills
  • reliable and affordable transportation that helps young people faced with housing instability and homelessness. 
  • a way for young folks to destress and improve their mental, emotional, and physical health.
  • bikes we can refurbish for our sales floor, proceeds which go directly back into our program, help us be a more sustainable, self-reliant non-profit program.
All bikes, accessories, and components donated are tax-deductible. Before bringing in a bike to donate, please review our guidelines below.
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Bike Donation Guidelines
  • Bikes should be in good to fair condition. 
  • We accept kid and adult bikes.
  • We accept donations of new and used parts, locks, tools, etc, as long as these items are in good condition.
  • For a suggested donation of $10 per bike, we can accept bikes with major frame damage, rust, or little to no working parts. This fee accounts for the time and energy needed by our staff and interns to strip, recycle, and process the bike and its parts.
  • Donations can be made any time we're open.
  • Donations will be assessed for value, and donors will receive a letter in the mail or via email to be used for tax purposes.
  • We typically cannot pick up bikes.  If you have a large quantity of bikes and think we might reconsider, contact us at, with a few photos, or call us at 612-824-7581 with a description of the bikes.
Make a contribution!
Your generous donations help us meet the needs of homeless and unstably housed young people in the Twin Cities.