Affordable Used Bikes & More!

Full Cycle is a non-profit social enterprise of Pillsbury United Communities. We are a bicycle recyclery in South Minneapolis, MN that offers support and connection to unhoused youth. Our youth employment training programs focus on the reduction of waste and redistribution of goods in an effort to support individual and community health. 
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Upcoming Events
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Sunday, December 31

11:30am-1pm at Field Elementary School Bring your friends and family along for New Year’s Eve’s hottest lunch plans! (Got any other lunch plans that day?) Chefs will battle for their chili to be crowned this year's best. Come cast your votes for your favorite, win fabulous raffle prizes AND support the difference-making work of this year’s amazing local nonprofit partner, Full Cycle!

Open Store Hours
Tuesday - Thursday, 12 - 6 PM
No Appointment Necessary
Tuesday - Thursday, 12 - 6 PM
Youth Services
Full Cycle connects with and supports young people experiencing homelessness through several interconnected strategies.
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Support Full Cycle and youth in our community today!
Creating Opportunities Through Bikes
Bikes are incredibly useful as a means of affordable transportation and exercise.  To a young person who has been struggling to make it on their own and dealing with the realities of housing insecurity, a bike can mean so much more.  Employment, confidence, fun, self-care-- these are just a few of the many things a bike might bring to a young person accessing Full Cycle.