Core Programs
Since 2002, Full Cycle has been building relationships with young people in our community who are struggling with housing.  We work to offer the support and resources they need to grow and become stable.  In addition to our core programming, Full Cycle seeks to implement creative projects to best use our skills and experience to meet the needs of young people.  

Are you a young person and unsure if you qualify?  We encourage you to get in touch and ask. 
612-824-7581 or find us on Facebook.
Using core principles of non-judgmental, strengths-based engagement, and harm-reduction strategies, Full Cycle participates in street-based outreach to young people in the Minneapolis area.  In addition to traditional outreach, FC also integrates outreach best practices and concepts into all of its programming, recognizing every interaction in and outside of the shop as an opportunity to connect with youth at risk of homelessness.  Outreach gives us a chance to meet young people "where they're at," on their terms, to connect them with the basic needs and resources they identify they need. 

Outreach workers keep up to date on the people and resources that are available to young people, can offer them direct support by accompanying them to appointments or resource centers, and can also provide small items like bus tokens, safer sex materials, hygiene supplies, etc.  Outreach workers also recognize the importance of building relationships and earning trust, and value their role as safe professionals when working with youth.   
To reach a Street Outreach Worker visit or download the YSN app for a more complete, mobile, list of outreach workers and services offered in the Twin Cities .
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Bike Mechanic Paid Internships
Full Cycle offers bike mechanic internships for homeless and street-dependent youth ages 16-24. While in the internship youth will learn basic bike mechanics, gain retail and customer service experience, and acquire job readiness skills. Our goal is to help young people obtain the knowledge, access, and stability they need to be successful in future employment.

Prior mechanic or job experience is NOT required.
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Free Bike Program
Young people who have experience with homelessness can make an appointment to pick out and help fix a bike. Youth who already have a bicycle, but need repairs, can make a free bike appointment repair the bike they already have. Additionally, locks, lights, and helmets are available. Bikes help solve a major transportation issue for young people, and also function to relieve stress, provide a fun outlet, and allow youth to practice being self-reliant. Bike appointments provide a welcoming, comfortable environment that allows youth and youth workers to get to know each other and how Full Cycle can help support them.
This initiative allows our partner agencies to keep a small fleet of Full Cycle bikes on site. Bikes are loaned out for a period of six months during the prime cycling season, providing youth a means of healthy transportation and recreation.
Full Cycle Food Delivery
Starting in 2012, Full Cycle hired two internship graduates to deliver food by bike to local youth-serving agencies. Today, four riders deliver several hundred pounds of food every week. The food is donated by local businesses as well as grown right in Full Cycle’s backyard garden. This program combines our work at the bike shop and food shelf by using bikes to build job skills and get food to the young people who need it.

Beginning in 2020, Full Cycle partners with Pillsbury United Communities's Urban Agriculture Program & North Market to deliver fresh produce from PUC's Urban Farm to North Market .
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