Full Cycle believes in the benefits of collaboration and partnerships. In an effort to establish mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships, we’ve established the following guidelines:
Any organization or group working with youth age 23 or under.
Group Size
We can assist groups ranging in size from four to ten youth.
Program Duration
Total of four two-hour sessions, maximum of two sessions a week.
$100 per youth participant. This fee includes the cost of one bike for each participant and will be due upon completion of the final session. In the past, bikes have been built for the use of youth participants, participating agencies, or donated to other non-profit organizations.
Full Cycle requires a minimum of one month lead time to schedule and prepare a curriculum specific to the needs of partner organizations.
Partner with us!
If your organization meets the guidelines above, please email or call Matt Tennant at 612-824-7581 to discuss a potential partnership.