Farewell Blake, Hello Val!

Farewell and congratulations to our Shop Manager, Blake Boesen.

It is with much gratitude and best wishes that Full Cycle says good bye to its magnificent, magical, mild-mannered manager, Blake Boesen.  Over the past three years Blake has used his vast knowledge of bikes and mechanics, along with his business skills to bring Full Cycle to a new level as a social enterprise bike shop.  Under Blake’s management Full Cycle was able to surpass a six figure earned income strategy and has never looked back.  Money earned through Full Cycle’s bike shop largely supports the programming we can offer to young people experiencing homelessness.  Surpassing this income goal was a milestone we were proud to reach.  In addition to his successful business strategies, Blake’s kindness, mellow energy, and willingness to listen made him a great teacher and role model to the young folks we work with.  Blake’s knowledge, patience, and attention to detail earned him much respect from Full Cycle co-workers and customers who continue to come back and support our shop.

While Blake is already missed here at Full Cycle, we are very proud that he will continue to support the cycling industry in different capacity in his new job.  We are grateful for the time, energy, passion and commitment Blake brought to us that resulted in meaningful relationships, experiences and a better bike shop business.

Thanks Blake, see you on the trail!


Welcome to our new Shop Manager!

The snow is gone and the busy bike season is upon us.  Full Cycle is excited to announce our very own Valerie Scheffler is taking on the role of Shop Manger– just in time!  Formerly FC Assistant Manager, Val has hit the ground running in her new position and we’re already getting a sense of what she’s bringing to the table–attention to detail, new opportunities for our interns, and continued consistency and thoughtfulness– and of course excellent service!  We are lucky to have her work at Full Cycle in this new capacity and are excited to support her as she moves into this next leg of her career.

Cheers Val!

Now Hiring!

Full Cycle Bike Shop is seeking to fill the position of Internship Instructor 2.

Apply now!

This full time position includes the sales and repair of used bicycles as well as assisting with the internship program giving homeless youth the opportunity to learn bicycle mechanics and basic business skills through the operation of a bike shop open to the public.

All agency employees must be able to work effectively in a mission-driven agency whose clients and staff exhibit significant diversity with respect to race, ethnicity, gender orientation, socio-economic status, nationality, and religion.

Apply here. Please email with any questions.


We’re changing our hours

Dear Customer,

Since 2008, Full Cycle Bike Shop has prioritized striving to be an excellent business by offering quality service, used bikes, and products—we hope you’ll agree.

As a non-profit social enterprise, Full Cycle works to provide young people with opportunities to find stability and success in their lives. Within our shop, as a part of a paid internship, young people are receiving employment support, mechanical training, and access to resources to help them find their way out of homelessness and on with their future. This takes time and attention—and you’ll find us strategically closed at typically slower times during the week, and at various points during the year for staff trainings, youth events, and holidays. As dedicated as we are to our customers and service, we are equally dedicated to the quality of our youth work.

Starting January 2018 we will be reducing our days open by remaining closed on Tuesdays. Our shop hours will remain the same the rest of the week allowing you to still access us over mid day breaks or in the evenings. New hours will be 12-7 Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as well as 10-5 on Saturdays.

Know that by offering your patience with our store hours, you are supporting young people who are making positive choices to improving their lives and achieving their aspirations. We in turn, will offer you a respectful and knowledgeable shopping experience, quick returns on repair services, and products you can depend on.
If you want to know more about our work and ways to support it, check out the rest of our website Or come talk to us in person here at the shop, during open hours.

–Full Cycle staff

Full Cycle visits our Surly Masher sponsor, Dero Bike Racks!

Dec 8: Interns visit Dero!

Full Cycle’s paid bike mechanics internship is a 6-month program, divided evenly into two phases.While the majority of Phase One curriculum focuses on overhauling and refurbishing used bicycles in the classroom, a portion of the internship is devoted to advancing job skills and seeking out further career opportunities.We strive to get interns out of the classroom and take site visits at least twice per month. We reach out to organizations that are of interest to current interns.


This week, we took a trip to visit one of our Surly Masher sponsors- Dero!

One of our intern’s favorite part of the tour was seeing powder-coating in action. His biggest wish after leaving Dero is for Full Cycle to start powder-coating our frames. Maybe one day we will be able to fund our own on site powder-coating station.

We finished the tour exploring the office and met the rest of the Dero crew. We all fell in love with the bike-friendly amenities Dero provides for their employees that ride to work. No wonder they received Platinum status from the League of American Bicyclists!  

Bri Whitcraft, Director of Marketing, gave us the grand tour. Thank you, Bri!

Look what we found on the bulletin board in the office! Thank you, Dero, for your support of Surly Masher. We look forward to riding Surly bikes around the (hopefully snowy) demo course with you.

2016 Annual Report

Read the Full Annual Report

Dear Friends of Full Cycle,

Last year Full Cycle took some bold steps to increase staffing, which allowed us to expand opportunities for young people experiencing homelessness while at the same time increasing the earned income capacity of our social enterprise bike shop.

As you will see from this year’s report, we were able to accomplish a great deal more in our mission to connect with and support homeless youth, our community and our Earth through bikes, business and relationships.

However, this came at a price. For the first time in many years, we also surpassed our financial support and ended the year with a deficit. While a deficit is always discouraging, the nature of a social enterprise will bring a mixture of surplus, deficit, and flat income years throughout its life cycle.

Lessons were learned and we’ve been able to identify the contributors to this year’s deficit as well as solutions for the upcoming year with the goal of putting Full Cycle back on track to create surplus income that will sustain the current level of programming and contribute to the overall future financial health of PUC.

Now more than ever, Full Cycle is depending on the relationships we’ve built over time with our funders, supporters and community. We look forward to working hard at the solutions we’ve created to support young people as they fight for self- sufficiency and independence, but need your support to do our best work.

Matt Tennant

Director and Founder, Full Cycle

Full Cycle in The Growler!

The Growler gets an up-close look at how three local bike nonprofits are using bicycles as a vehicle for change in the Twin Cities.

Source: Vehicle for Change: Three nonprofits are using bikes to build community

2015 Annual Report


Read the 2015 Annual Report

Dear Friends of Full Cycle,

Full Cycle’s mission is to connect with and support homeless youth, our community and our Earth through bikes, business and relationships. When young people in our community who are feeling disconnected, unsupported and misunderstood are given opportunities to prove themselves, they do so in a way that benefits us all.

As Full Cycle continues to grow and experience success with its youth programming and social enterprise, it has become apparent that we need to expand staff to meet the exciting challenges and responsibilities that come with such growth. As the quantity of work Full Cycle has taken on in creating solutions to youth homelessness increases, it is important for us to invite others onto the team to assure our quality of service continues to be exceptional.

We added a full-time regular staff member in the area of classroom instruction in an effort to increase the number of internship opportunities available to young people experiencing homelessness and underemployment. We have also created two new positions in the shop service area that will allow us to expand our hours of operation and participate in more community events.

An overall focus on staff expansion with new roles and responsibilities ended the year with a viable plan for seven regular staff members, four seasonal staff, and expanded opportunities for our youth interns with five seasonal graduate positions as we move into 2016. I truly believe that Full Cycle has the right people in the right places to do amazing work in the upcoming year. With an undeniable vision, committed and passionate staff, and the generosity and loyalty of our supporters, we look forward to serving more young people and doing more business through our bike shop than ever before.

Matt Tennant
Director and Founder, Full Cycle

2014 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

Read the 2014 Annual Report »

Dear Friends,

Full Cycle’s mission is to connect with and support homeless youth, our community and our Earth through bikes, business and relationships. Our constant drive to build a better bike shop allows us to accomplish this mission on a greater scale as we continue to grow and evolve.

2014 not only marked the hiring of our 100th youth intern, but the completion of year 2 of our 3 year growth strategy. I’m pleased to announce that we are ahead of schedule with renovations to the shop and classroom and the two spaces are not only more functional, but look amazing. The message and feeling the space conveys in combination with the growing success of the bike shop has resulted in a higher quality experience for our youth interns, free bike appointments, and customers. Our newest initiatives, Borrow a Bike, Full Cycle Food Delivery, and Full Cycle Gardens, have proven themselves to be successful ventures in allowing us to employ a greater number of youth while positively impacting the community at the same time. As a result, these initiatives have been incorporated into regular programming here at Full Cycle.

As Full Cycle grows, so does the amount of disconnected young people looking for an opportunity to thrive beyond the constraints and barriers that come with a lack of stable housing, education, and employment opportunities. Thankfully, with Full Cycle’s success the number of loyal bike shop customers, funders, and supporters has also increased. In order to sustain and continue growing, Full Cycle aims to have our customers purchase what we do (high quality used bikes and service) and the larger community invest in why we do it (to connect with and support homeless youth). We thank all of our supporters who have helped build Full Cycle from the ground up and urge you to spread the word and connect us to opportunities that will support the work we do with such a deserving population of young people working hard to make change that benefits us all.

Matt Tennant
Director and Founder, Full Cycle

‘Dear Full Cycle’ by Crystal

Dear Full Cycle,

It was almost seven years ago when I found out you needed an experienced mechanic to create a bike shop and an internship for young folks.  When I first heard about your visionary programming that Matt was developing and the new position he had created to expand services, I knew you and I were meant to be together.  It felt like the universe was laying out a perfect plan for us.  And today, as my time here comes to an end, I can say that our time together has been truly perfect.

When I started, you were a dingy auto garage with heaps of parts lying on the floor and BMX ramps in the basement.  Slowly but surely Matt and I got you cleaned up and ready for business, filling you with quality used bicycles to sell, professional work stands, and actual bike tools.  During shop hours, paid interns helped us run the show, and when we weren’t open for business we gave bikes away to youth who needed free transportation.  All of that magic still happens today.

Matt and I have always taken care of you and made sure you were a happy space that was both safe and fun for everyone to hang out in, and Matt will continue to do so with integrity and humor.  We’re lucky to have other awesome staff on board to help your mission continue. Rita continues to be, hands down, one of your biggest champions and solid devotees.  Jendeen and Josh make sure that our young folks get what they need outside of the shop.  Erin is here to hold it down with mechanical skills and jokes for days.

While our team of dedicated staff have kept – and will keep – things growing and flowing, the young people that you were created to serve are the shining stars of my time here.  Since 2008, 113 young people have been given the opportunity to gain not only employment experience, but also to check in before their shift every day and share how they are feeling, to go for bike rides, to visit other bike-related businesses, and to make friends.  The stability your safe space provides has helped so many youth secure housing, health care, food, and emotional support.  All 113 interns, plus the hundreds of young people who have made free bike appointments over the years have made my life richer.  The youth have been some of my most impactful teachers, and they have always impressed me with their resiliency and brilliance.

Full Cycle, I want to thank you for giving me so much.  You have taught me what it means to meet people where they are.  To be mentored by some of the most dynamic leaders in our community.  To be a part of an agency that encourages innovation.  To keep encouraging and equipping people to ride bikes.  To help make a real difference in people’s lives. It has been perfect.

I wish you all the very best.

With love,


Thrivent Tour 2014

This is the third year that Full Cycle has been the recipient of funds from the Thrivent Tour.  This year we gathered a team of staff, interns, and graduates to participate in this incredible fundraising ride.  Heartwood, Thrivent Financial’s corporate retreat center, was our home base.  Located in the gorgeous northwoods of Wisconsin near Spooner, Heartwood was an amazing setting for riding 25, 50, or 100 miles through the fall colors in the sunshine.  Our experience was beyond great on this fully supported ride.  What a wonderful way to raise funds, friends, and awareness of the needs of our young folks!

Donations are being collected through the month of October, so if you haven’t yet given please help us in our efforts.

Click on this link to learn more!

Thanks so much for your consideration.


Team Full Cycle