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A note about our shop hours:
Dear Customer, 
Since 2008, Full Cycle Bike Shop has prioritized striving to be an excellent business by offering quality service, used bikes, and products—we hope you’ll agree. 
As a non-profit social enterprise, Full Cycle works to provide young people with opportunities to find stability and success in their lives.  Behind the front door, as a part of a paid internship, young people are receiving employment support, mechanical training, and access to resources to help them find their way out of homelessness and on with their future.  This takes time and attention—and you’ll find us strategically closed at typically slower times during the week, and at various points during the year for staff trainings, youth events, and holidays.  As dedicated as we are to our customers and service, we are equally dedicated to the quality of our youth work. 
Know that by offering your patience with our store hours, you are supporting young people who are making positive choices to improving their lives and achieving their aspirations.  We in turn, will offer you a respectful and knowledgeable shopping experience, quick returns on repair services, and products you can depend on. 

If you want to know more about our work and ways to support it, check out more of our website.  Or come talk to us in person at the shop, during open hours. 

--Full Cycle Staff