2014 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

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Dear Friends,

Full Cycle’s mission is to connect with and support homeless youth, our community and our Earth through bikes, business and relationships. Our constant drive to build a better bike shop allows us to accomplish this mission on a greater scale as we continue to grow and evolve.

2014 not only marked the hiring of our 100th youth intern, but the completion of year 2 of our 3 year growth strategy. I’m pleased to announce that we are ahead of schedule with renovations to the shop and classroom and the two spaces are not only more functional, but look amazing. The message and feeling the space conveys in combination with the growing success of the bike shop has resulted in a higher quality experience for our youth interns, free bike appointments, and customers. Our newest initiatives, Borrow a Bike, Full Cycle Food Delivery, and Full Cycle Gardens, have proven themselves to be successful ventures in allowing us to employ a greater number of youth while positively impacting the community at the same time. As a result, these initiatives have been incorporated into regular programming here at Full Cycle.

As Full Cycle grows, so does the amount of disconnected young people looking for an opportunity to thrive beyond the constraints and barriers that come with a lack of stable housing, education, and employment opportunities. Thankfully, with Full Cycle’s success the number of loyal bike shop customers, funders, and supporters has also increased. In order to sustain and continue growing, Full Cycle aims to have our customers purchase what we do (high quality used bikes and service) and the larger community invest in why we do it (to connect with and support homeless youth). We thank all of our supporters who have helped build Full Cycle from the ground up and urge you to spread the word and connect us to opportunities that will support the work we do with such a deserving population of young people working hard to make change that benefits us all.

Matt Tennant
Director and Founder, Full Cycle

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